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Magnetic Shields are global experts in the manufacture of MuMetal magnetic shielding, Zero Gauss Chambers, Photomultiplier (PMT) and Cryogenic shields. Our products and services include custom magnetic shielding, MuMetal  sheet, MuMetal foil, MuMetal bar and MuMetal toroidal cores.

Magnetic Shields Limited are a proven supplier of solutions to low frequency magnetic interference, and have nearly sixty years of experience in the specification and manufacturing of Magnetic Shielding.


Our high permeability products are supplied and used worldwide in a broad range of Industrial and Research applications, including major Electronics and Analysis Companies, Universities and Particle Physics Laboratories.

Based in Kent, England, Our manufacturing site is equipped with the latest plant and machinery, enabling us to provide a complete fabrication service. From shield design through to hydrogen annealing, we have the ability and expertise to deliver an on-time, quality product with guaranteed magnetic properties for the optimal attenuation of electromagnetic radiation.

In addition to providing protection from magnetic fields in MuMetal (Grade ASTM A753 Alloy 4) Magnetic Shields Limited frequently supplies fabricated Magnetic Shielding in 36% Ni Fe, 50% Ni Fe and Pure Iron.



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