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Magnetic Shields Limited has the ability to produce fabricated or formed shields to suit virtually every magnetic shielding application.

With extensive knowledge and state of the art facilities, Magnetic Shields can assist you in every step of your requirement. Whether you require technical advice, engineering visits or conceptual modelling of your component, we can assist you through the early developmental stages of your product.

Once the specification is finalised our team of skilled engineers will fabricate your component from start to finish.


Our factory is totally integrated and from the receipt of raw material, until the final heat treatment, the production of any shield is totally under our own control.

We have no real size restrictions apart from the size availability of raw materials and heat treatment facilities which, of necessity, mean that larger shields need to have assembly joints. If your shield requires to be made with assembly joints, we have vast experience in specifying appropriate materials and ensuring structural and magnetic integrity of the whole shield.

Magnetic shields can be manufactured in many different alloys, the most common being MuMetal or other Nickel iron alloys, but we are also very familiar with fabrication and final heat treatment of pure iron and other iron based shielding materials.

We regularly manufacture multiple layer shields made in similar materials or in different alloys to maximise the effectiveness of the shield. For example it is common to utilise the higher saturation of pure iron or 50% NiFe for 1 layer, together with the very high permeability of mumetal for another 1 or 2 layers.

The heat treatment, packing inspection and shipment of shields is also very important to the final properties and again we have many years of experience in ensuring our customers get only the best performance from our products.

Whether your requirement is for small formed cans typically used in the transformer industry or large Cryostat shields for cutting edge research, we can help you every step of the way. If you would like to know more or have an immediate requirement, we are happy to help.


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