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Photomultiplier Tube Shields

Scintillation & Photomultiplier Shields      


Magnetic Shields Limited manufactures a vast range of shields for all types of glass photomultiplier tubes and scintillation counting tubes.

Photomultiplier and scintillation tubes are very sensitive to external magnetic fields especially in the tapered neck sections and it is very important that the design of the Mumetal shield maximises the amount of shielding in these areas. These tubes are designed to detect very small events and to maintain their measuring accuracy, the homogeneity of the shielding is critical.

Magnetic shields for these tubes can be offered in a wide range of finishes depending on your particular requirement; standard grained finish, fine polished finish or spray painted to your specification.

Photomultiplier and scintillation detector shields are available in any quantity, from singular research shields to high volume application requirements.There is virtually no limit on size and we can manufacture a wide range to suit tubes from 15mm diameter to over 400mm diameter.


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